Estate Planning Attorney Brooklyn

Estate Planning Attorney Brooklyn

Estate Planning

The estate planning attorney Brooklyn has worked with several clients within the metropolis of Brooklyn and has provided them with solutions to all their estate issues. Estate planning involves making decisions on how your personal and estate affairs will be handled when you become old or handicapped, and what will become of the estate after you die. No one can live forever, and so it is crucial to have an estate plan in place before going. The estate plan contains several documents such as a will or trust, durable power of attorney, etc., and clearly stated in these documents are your wishes concerning how you want your estate to be distributed. You do not have to be very wealthy to qualify for an estate plan. So long you have one or more assets, accumulated capital or any property of some value and you want different proportions of these assets to go to certain persons (you surely have special loved ones who you want to benefit from your hard-earned assets, don’t you?), then you indeed should start thinking about how to specify what goes to who.

It is expedient for people whose assets are owned in complex ways to develop an estate plan. You may own shares and interests in certain companies, estates in different countries, or you could be a part of a family business which have grown immensely. In such cases, you’ll need to specify who is to assume ownership and control of those assets when you pass away. The problem with this is you may be at a loss as to what steps to take, or how to express your wishes clearly and legally such that they would speak in your absence, and this is where the estate planning attorney Brooklyn comes into the picture. He is well versed in estate affairs and estate laws and has provided the people of Brooklyn with solutions peculiar to their peculiar estate issues. He will listen to you, examine your particular situation, and will design the right estate plan that best expresses your desires. When you speak with the estate planning attorney Brooklyn, you’d even be surprised at realizing what you never knew. For your own quick estate planning solutions, call the estate planning attorney Brooklyn today.

How will hiring an estate planning attorney benefit me?

The estate planning attorney has special training and experience that will benefit you in the following areas:

  1. Distribution of your estate-Here, the estate planning attorney Brooklyn will help you draft a will following the guidelines of Brooklyn laws. The will contains your wishes concerning what proportion of your estate goes to who after you’re gone. Wills are subject to probate (validation by a law court, hence the need to adhere to the state laws when writing a will). Depending on your situation, the estate planning attorney could create for you a trust. A trust is different from a will in that estate taxes and probate are bypassed.
  2. Protection, management, and division of your estate.
    The estate planning attorney will see to it that your estate has legal protection and is not subject to abuse or dissolution when you die. He advises you on who to appoint to manage your affairs when you’re unable to handle them yourself.
  3. Healthcare decisions
    The estate planning lawyer creates for you a document called “healthcare power of attorney”, which appoints a person to make medical decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated.
  4. Guardianship
    When you get old or have minors, you’ll need a guardian. The constitution makes provision for this, but not until your need for a Guardian is proved would you get one. The estate planning attorney will help do this.
  5. Retirement plan.
    Different retirement plans will suit different individuals. It is in the capacity of the estate planning attorney to advise you on a retirement plan that would be most beneficial to you.

The estate planning attorney Brooklyn is a compassionate lawyer who will work closely with you and your family to achieve your estate goals in the most hitch-free and cost-effective way possible. Hiring him is to your best advantage, therefore contact the estate planning attorney Brooklyn today for your estate plan.